While building my Web Site I created files from time to time that help me to be sure I am doing the right thing and make my work easier. Below are some of those files for JavaScript.

JavaScript Coding Programs and Projects
Click to toggle the size This Program can substitute for most of the Programs on this page. It also is a Quiz Maker. It comes with demos.
Look at these options: (It doesn't do anything except list them.)

Read To Me Options have no sound on the web.
Multi-Purpose Text Manipulator.html
Click to toggle the size Installs Karl's fTestCode() function into your code. Lists several Objects.
      This Works.

Gives you a TAB Delimited text file of several objects and when they appear.
      This currently isn't finished. Was having Memory Problems.
JavaScript Dissector.html
Click to toggle the size Paste your innerHTML in the code itself and click the button.
Your innerHTML appears on the page.
innerHTML Tester.htm
Click to toggle the size Enter a Regular Expression and this will test numerically, with keyboard keys or with specific characters you enter.
Uses a while loop.
Stable and fast. Test length is user set. Shows what is being tested in status bar.
Multiple Memory containers for more speed.


Regular Expressions Match Tester4.html
Click to toggle the size Displays a working Date Object with it's properties.
setTimeout function is on top line so you can compare the inconsistancies.
Date Object.html
Click to toggle the size This is used for repetative codes. Works with writing if blocks and if else if block.

if(txt1.value == 2) {
a = 0

if(txt2.value == 3) {
a = 5
} etc.

Code Incrementer.html
Click to toggle the size Searches your Code as a String.
Gets Regular Expression Matches
Button to Sort and Remove Duplicates
Text Finder.html
Click to toggle the size You type in the beginning of a Regular Expression, a list of attributes and the end of a Regular Expression. Paste your code into another Text Area.

The program joins the beginning of your Regular Expression with each list item and the end of your Regular Expression. It searches your code for as many times as you have list objects.
Returns the match

Find Text in Code.html
Click to toggle the size Paste your Code in the Text Area and list your Global Variables in another Text Area.

Tells you what line your Globals are on and what functions are on what line.

This is TAB delimited for sorting in Excel."

Code Finder.html
Click to toggle the size Enter your regular expression and a list of things you wish to check it against.
I used this for E-mail addresses.
Displays matches and failed results.
Regular Expression Array Tester.html
Click to toggle the size Open this file, then type a letter to see what the keyCode to the key is. Key Code Testing.html