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Author and Designer:Karl Garlick
Home Page:http://www.kgarlick.com/
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This clock was designed to give you a wide selection of options when using the alarm. The clock is set automatically with the clock on your computer. There are ten alarm settings for versatility.

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Notice:     Karl's Alarm Clock will not work if it is minimized.

When setting the alarm, you can set one or more options. There is an extensive help file that gives you information on each control simply by letting the mouse roll over the control. Alarms 1, 2, 3 and 10 automatically resets itself. Alarm 10 plays the sound file the same number of times as what the hour is. So at 1:00 o'clock, it will ding once. At 10:00 o'clock it will ding 10 times, etc. It will play a ding for each hour of the current time. This will only happen if both the check box is checked and one of the Alarm 10 settings is set.

The other Alarms play the sound file for a certain number of times (which you can find out in the help box when your mouse is on the check box) and shut the alarm off after the first time it goes off.

When using more than one control to set the alarm, it may not go off. An example would be setting the Month to February and the Date to 30. There is no February 30, so the alarm will never ring. If you set the Date for 3 and the Day for Saturday, it won't ring until September 3, 2005 because that uis the first time when the Date will fall on a Saturday.

On the top of the page you will find the words "Welcome to Karl's Alarm Clock". These words will take you quickly to different places on the web page.

  • "Welcome" will bring you to the Tips section
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Saving Karl's Alarm Clock to your computer

You can save the file using the Save As: command from the file menu. When you do, the default sound files will not work unless you are connected to the internet. If you want to use you own sound files, the easiest way is to save the sound files in the same folder with Karl's Alarm Clock. Then type the sound files name, including the extension, into the appropriate text box (Help Topics 70-79) and it should work. You must save Karl's Alrm Clock to your own computer first. If you know how to work with HTML files, from Internet Explorer click View > Source to see the code. Look for the lines around the 45 down where it says
var Alarm1Path = "http://www.kgarlick.com/karl/javascript/Clock/Love Lifted Me.mid"
Change the path between the quotes to the path of your sound file. If you use the full path (starting with C:\...) you'll be able to run the alarm clock from any place on your computer. Then save that file on your computer as "KarlsAlarmClock.html" including the quotes. If you mess it up you can always download it again.

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