Code Incrementer

To use this simply paste (so you can keep the tabs) your block of code into the TextArea. Use the "@" symbol where you want to increment. The Increment will start at whatever number is in the "What number to start at?" Text Box. The top text box is where you tell the computer how many times to increment. A sample is loaded so you can get the drift! Good luck!
How Many Times to Run? List a User Array?
This Text Will Be Replaced Starting At This Number Data Type
@1@ Numeric
@2@ Numeric
@3@ Numeric
@4@ Numeric
@5@ / Numeric / Multiplier
@6@ Minus Numeric
@t@ Accumulates a TAB Character
Good for "else if" blocks
TAB Character
@s@ Array Index Number small letters
@C@ Array Index Number CAPITAL LETTERS
@UA@ Array Index Number