B i b l e    B a s e b a l l

                                                                                   by Karl Garlick

Bible Baseball is a game for 1 to 18 players. One to nine players on the blue team and zero (if playing against the computer) to nine players on the purple team. It is best viewed in Full Screen (the "F11" key in Internet Explorer) with
800 x 600 screen resolution.

There are presently fill in the blank Bible questions for the computer to choose from. At the start of the game the computer shuffles them so it is harder to get the same questions each time you play.

It was originally designed to help children learn the Bible. It was first put on the web in April of 2005.

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Karl's Home Page

Setting Up
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Type a name for each team.
      If you want to play against the computer do not type a name for the Purple team.
  3. Type in the names of each player.
  4. Select a Time for the Batter to answer the question.
  5. Select what option you want for base runs. The default is "Any Base", which means the computer will randomly choose the number of base the batter will run if they answer the question correctly.
  6. Choose an animation speed.
  7. Sometimes it is nice to have a hint. Spelling matters!
    Make sure you are satisfied with your settings. You won't be able to change them after the next step.
  8. Click the "Ready to Play" button.
    The computer randomly will pick which team is batting first, then move you to the score board. If you are playing against the computer then the blue team bats first.
Playing the Game
  1. Click the "Pitch Me The Ball!" button when you are ready to bat.
    1. The computer will randomly pick which base you will move to based upon your selection.
    2. You will be asked a question and be given the allotted time, base upon your selection, to type the answer. You can use Upper (capital) or Lower (small) case letters.
        If you answer correctly:
      1. You will advance to the base the computer randomly picked for you.
      2. Your team mates who are already on base will also advance the same number of bases and make scores for your team.

        If you answer incorrectly in the allotted time or you run out of time:
      • The other team may collectively work together and type the right answer within the same allotted time.
          If they answer correctly:
        • You are out.

          If they answer incorectly or have run out of time:
        • You have one strike against you.
  2. When your team collectively gets three outs the other team will be up at bat.
  3. After the ninth inning is over the game is over too. A table will appear with the batting averages, etc. You can click the button at the bottom of the page at any time, but only once during the game, to see your batting averages.
Playing Against The Computer
    Besides the rules above, there are two others you need to follow when playing against the computer.
  1. Do Not type a name for the Purple Team.
      This tells the computer there is nobody there and it will play that team.
        You may, but don't have to, make up names for the players on the purple team. If you don't name the pitcher the computer will.
  2. Type a Computer Grade Skill. A number from 1 to 99.
      If you type a number too small you won't have much competition.
      A number too high will be boring when the computer is at bat. It may play for an hour before the computer makes a possible out or strike.

      Basically, the number you type means that out of 100 questions, it will get that many right.

Batting Averages

    The Batting Averages consist of 6 records:
  1. Player Name
      This identifies the player with the name they gave themself during setup.
  2. Position
      This is the players position on the field.
  3. Runs
      This is the record of the times the player crossed home plate during the game.
  4. Bases
      This is the record of Base Hits Total the player made during the game. If the player gets a 1 base hit and a four base hit this will read five. It doesn't count the bases the player ran when another player hit the ball and moved them to the next base.
  5. Strikes
      This is the record of the total number of Strikes the player accumulated during the game.
  6. Outs
      This is the record of the total number of Outs the player accumulated during the game.

At this time the table displays inacurate information. This is something I will be working on.

A Note For Teachers

    You can make new questions by downloading these files and saving them to your computer.
  1. Bible Baseball Array Maker.html
  2. Then view the Question and Answers with Bible Baseball Page Maker.html

  Team Names
Team Players
Left Field
Center Field
Right Field
Short Stop
Second Base
Third Base
First Base
Computer Grade skill?

Score Board
Base Hit
on Base


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