I created this when I was testing an Array of over 1000 e-mail address elements against a Regular Expression to see if they would pass. Hopefully you will also find this helpful.

Start by creating an Array. You can either paste or type a list into the TextArea box and click the "Re-Use Array" button, or you can create one, one element at a time in the text box below.
To create one, type one element into the text box and click the "Add the Array Element" button. Repeat this for each element you want to add.
When you are finished adding your elements you can save the array for future use. Click the "Save Array" button to have your array put into the TextArea box.

This TextArea you will need to copy and paste into a *.txt document. When you want to use it again just paste it back into the TextArea that you took it from and click the "Re-use Array" button.

You will notice that the elements of a saved array are New Line (\n) delimited. You can use a replace command in a text editor to convert one of your own arrays or paste any list in here with line breaks. Or you can create an array here by pressing the "Enter" key after each Array Element. When you are finished click the "Re-Use Array" button.

Click this button to clear the old array and switch to a new array.

Below are 4 Check Boxes. The more you check, the longer it will take. Checking these boxes will tell the computer to record a record of the passed and failed tests results, and then display them. Text Lists take the longest, especially with long arrays.

Passed List Passed Text
Failed List Failed Text



Enter your Regular Expression Here.
Select g, i, gi if you like.
Click this to test your Array This is your Regular Expression as it appears in the code.