HTML and JavaScript can be fun, challenging and very useful. During the course of my learning I created several JavaScript projects. Some you may like!

Looking for a Job?
Copy and Paste Hundreds of Leads and the will Sort, Remove Duplicates, Highlight and list your job leads into four lists and gives you HTML Code to save your leads.
This also lists the e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers for your qualifying leads in separate text areas so you can copy and paste them into your e-mail or fax application.
Job Lead Sorter.html
My First HTML, JavaScript Project has advanced into 7 levels. Play by yourself or against someone else. Hangman
This alarm clock has ten different settings. You can set the Day, Hour, Minute, Month, Date, AM or PM or Both AM and PM. You can choose your own *.mid file to sound. Karl's Alarm Clock 1
This is similar to Karl's Alarm Clock 1, except it is more compact and has a few extra whistles! Karl's Alarm Clock 2
Bible Power Version 4.1 is available on my 1ASPHost site. I am working on Version 5 now and will upload it here as Karl's Bible Power when it is finished.
Bible Power offers a unique Search engine for Searching the Bible. It also allows you to play games and create web pages of games for your web site.
About Bible Power
Bible Baseball (Set up with John Chapter 1) lets you play up to 18 players, each taking a turn answering questions from the Bible. The game has links to two tools that let you create new questions and view the answers. Bible Baseball
75 different Sudoku games to play. Checks to see if you have them right. Different colors on a check off table make it easier to play the game. Sudoku
Guess the Colors has 4 different colored pieces that e the computer randomly chooses. You have to figure out which colors they are. Guess the Colors