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      I upgraded my Sudoku Game again. When Internet Explorer had an Upgrade they changed the way my game behaved and it didn't work right. I added one more color rotation and did a little tweaking. Grow the screen to 140% to see a nice size.
Play SUDOKU 10a

      I upgraded my Sudoku Game again. It contains 1498 Games. I updated HelpSolve which will now try to guess puzzles it cannot logically solve. You can now both right and left click to change colors in the CheckOff Table. I added another section that will allow you to print a Sudoku Book.
Play SUDOKU 10

      I upgraded my Sudoku Game again. It contains 751 Games and I have redone the Help File and Help Solve functions. I redid the Undo, so now you can also redo. Play SUDOKU 9

      I just upgraded my Sudoku Game. I added 3 more Help Solve Levels. It will now solve all but two of these puzzles and may also be able to solve some of your own. Play SUDOKU 8

I just upgraded my Sudoku Game again. It is easy to play if you know how. This board makes it easy to keep track of your numbers. Once you start a game you can also save it. It has enhanced color options and can help you solve your puzzle! Play SUDOKU 7

Recent Updates are my photos of our Maine vacation. We had a wonderful time and wish to share our experience with you. 2005 Maine Vacation

      Thank you for taking time to look at my web site. I started learning HTML about March of 2004 and JavaScript about August 2004. It has been an exciting adventure and challenge to me. I've created things that blow my mind for the little time I spent doing it!

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