Karl's Tract Writer is designed to help you write a Personal Testimony Tract.
My sample tract is already loaded so you can see how it works before you type your own.

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The Story

It all began with my going to church. I was going for quite a while (about 20 years). I heard the message of Salvation, went forward in church, asked Jesus into my heart. One year I got over one hundred glass mugs and used my sand blaster to etch God Loves [The person's name] and a Cross on each mug and gave them out at Christmas.

Yet, with all this, I didn't know where I would go when I died. How often does it happen that someone from church comes over to you and talks to you about getting to heaven? Not too often. And how sure are you that the person sitting next to you will go to heaven?

I felt, how nice it would be to have a tract rack that is designated just for personal testimony tracts from the congregation. Or even a Web Site from people all over! (The webmaster of your church is welcome to use this program for your church's web site, or for a tract rack in your own church.)

Practice Directions

As you type your input you may want to use some HTML tags to improve the finished look of your tract. HTML Tags usually include an OPEN Tag and a CLOSE Tag. The close tag looks like the open tag except that it has a forward slash "/" inside it. You will see in the examples below.

Makes things Bold <B>Makes things Bold</B>

Underlines Text <U>Underlines Text</U>

The <font> tag has several attributes which are

  • <font color=red>Makes Red Text</font> Makes Red Text
  • <font size=1>Sizes can be from 1 - 7</font> Sizes can be from 1 - 7
  • <font face="impact">The Double Quotes are needed if the name of the face is more than one word.</font> The Double Quotes are needed if the name of the face is more than one word.

If you want extra spacing use the <BR> OPEN Tag
Karl's Tract Writer is designed so when you use the ENTER Key it automatically inserts a paragraph and indents the first line.

Will add space&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; between words
Will add space      between words
Using the space bar repeatedly will only add one space.

Type some text with font tags of your choice in the Text Area Box below, then click the Test Your Tags button.

Practice HTML


As you are typing you may have to turn off your computer. The only way to save what you have already done is to click the Save Work button at the bottom of the page. Then the next time you open it the text boxes will be already filled in with what you typed.

When you are finished save the Code in NotePad and change the txt extension to html.

Some Options

If you would like you can send your tract to me (with the image file) and I'll decide if I want to put it on my Web Site. It would be nice to have a place for viewing several personal testimony tracts and see how the Lord works in the lives of others! Any tract that I put on my web site I will also convert it to a Microsoft Word Document that can be folded into three like a normal tract.

There are checkboxes below that you can use to let me know your wishes should you send it to me.

If you send your tract to your Church Webmaster, also send them the image file.

A red Asterisk * means if you don't fill it in you will be prompted to, but you can over-ride it.

*   Type Your Name.

*   Type a Title for your Tract.       No HTML Tags in the Title

*   Type a Summary for your Tract. Two sentences that will make someone want to read it.

*   Select or type up to 10 words that will categorize your tract.


*   Choose and Image for your Tract Cover

Image Preview
Tract Cover Image

*   Type a paragraph of one time when you knew God was trying to reach you.

Type a paragraph of another time when you knew God was trying to reach you.

Type a paragraph of another time when you knew God was trying to reach you.

*   Type a paragraph describing your Response to God's calling.

*   Describe what you realize as you reflect back on this time.

*   What happened on the time when God finally won you over?

*   What specifically prompted your decision?

*   Write about an event that happened to strengthen your faith.

*   Write something that would encourage your reader to trust Jesus.

*   Type a prayer that you feel would be best to lead your reader to accept Christ.

*   Type a couple lines that would encourage the reader to contact you.

*   Type your contact information. Using this TextArea will encode your user information so a robot will have a hard time finding it and sticking you on a mailing list.

Type a Dedication Sentence


Check this box if you intend to e-mail your tract and would allow others to freely distribute it.
Check this box if you would like your tract put on the Web, either my site or someone else's.
Check this box if you intend to be the Sole distributor of your tract and would NOT want others to distribute it.
Type an additional note for the Web Master.

Now that you have completed your tract click the button below to view the finished product and save the code for your tract.

To edit your tract simply make the changes in the text boxes above and click the button again.

If you aren't finished you tract and want to save your work for another time click the Save Work button.
You will need to copy and paste the text from the TextArea below into Windows Notepad and type the Orange Text in the File Name part of the Save as dialog. Also include the Quotes. When you start this again it will appear on it's own. Each time you work on it you will have to save the changes.

"C:\Karls Files\KarlsBiblePower\Extras\MyTestimony.js"
There will be more directions on the text in the TextArea below.

You can also Save Karl's Tract Writer Program to your computer through the File Menu's Save As dialog box. Then you can work off line at any time.